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Why PLRPro 4.0?

High Quality Content

PLRpro has been around since the early days of PLR, when content was king… well, QUALITY content is still king. Needless to say, we understand content and we understand SEO. This is especially of benefit to you after the Panda and Penguin Updates. All content is written in a natural flow with YOUR visitors in mind while still being optimized perfectly for SEO. We know the right mix of ingredients you need in your content to rank your pages on the 1st page.

Buy Only What You Need

Now with our fully featured PLR store, you can buy PLR packs individually or in bulk. If your needs are more regular, go for a monthly membership based on how much volume you think you will need each month. Monthly memberships can be upgraded or downgraded anytime. Either way, we have given you enough choices and flexibility to buy only what you need. You no longer need to make ongoing payments for 20 packs when you need only 2 a month.

Winning Niches

There are niches that will make you money even if your websites suck and then there are niches that won’t put a dime in your pocket even if you did everything right. That’s just the way internet works. Fortunately for you, we have been around long enough to know the winners. We have PLR packs available in all the million dollar niches on the internet, where people are making the most money. This not only cuts down your niche research, but also gives you a head start as to where you need to focus most.

Limited Downloads Per Pack

We understand that exclusivity is important. After all, a pack is no good to you if its contents are sold to everyone and their dog and are plastered all over the internet under a thousand different names. This is why we keep each pack limited. Each pack that you buy or download will only ever be downloaded by 100 other people… Not a single more. Once the 100 downloads are complete, that PLR articles pack will be taken down, never to be resold again!

Quick Refills

Our store is only of value to you if you can buy PLR content right now, right when you need it… not tomorrow or the day after! This is why we make sure that our inventory is always full. When a particular pack falls below a certain inventory level, our gears set in motion to get another one up and ready in its place as soon as it hits the 100 downloads mark. We refill all content within 7 days max, although in most cases it’s a lot quicker than that.

Discounts… Discounts… Discounts…

We want you to be successful and we want you to get our content for the most affordable rates possible… Even more so than they already are! We look for opportunities to throw discounts out to our customers. For example, you save money if you buy more than one packs… or if you subscribe to a monthly membership or if you take up one of our other internet marketing services. Your head will begin to hurt if I start counting ways you can save money with us. After a while, you’ll just stop counting because you’ll know we are THE most cost effective PLR shop there is!